My Cat Fell Asleep In My Shoe

        This is my cat Boo, she loves sleeping in my shoe. I have more than once taken pictures of her napping in my shoe. Last night was the funniest thing I ever did see her do. She looked at me and yawned then she dragged my shoe closer to herself as she was very intensely watched me, when the shoe was close enough, she slowly lied her face inside the heel. She even started to snore. I laughed so hard for a moment or two before taking this picture.


            Her favorite things are rubbing my feet with her whiskers and on my shoes. Anyone who comes over to our house, if she starts rubbing on you’re feet that means she approves of you being in our home. I don’t know for sure where she has learned this from but I am pretty sure it had to be from my mom’s dog Sparky, because he did things like this when Boo and I lived with my mom.


I love my animal friend so much, she’s a very good companion.


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