I use my phone for
many different things
but sadly I have to say,
my phone is not smart
at all.

Why call it a smartphone 
When it makes more spelling errors than I? 

My browser
was stuck on Facebook 
for the longest time. 

Later twitter,
and sputtered. 

Now Ih5,
that’s a task in itself.
I won’t use it, 
speaking for myself. 

Blogger now that’s a 
platform with issues. 

Google play
now that’s not okay, 
spammers get me everyday. 

my account of that, 
was my money ran out 
and that was that. 

EBay oh really, 
now who wants to buy 
a two headed cat? 

Reddit oh my 
I won’t follow 
the white rabbit
down that hole again. 
My phone forgot
my number again, 
now it’s requesting
for my birthday 
and password. 

Stupid smartphone
did it again, 
it failed to remind me
once again. 


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