The roses were only
to drain my inspiration,
Your promises were spoiled
before they left your lips,
like the passion within
your kiss.

I breathe you in,
just to feel you
underneath my skin,
I am left holding on
to your sweet sent,
is laced with desire
and your all familiar taste.
It lingers on my lips.

I tell myself,
you’re no good for me
I wish you
would to be gone from me,
but the desire never leaves me.
I couldn’t fight this feeling
til the end,
But maybe,
I just don’t want to win.

I don’t wanna be saved,
I don’t wanna be free,
I want you in my thoughts,
in my dreams,
behind my vision,
and everything in between.

I won’t give up,
no not this time.
My hearts in too deep,
and there are premises
I need to keep.