I stand for freedom and liberty

I think I have seen too many media lies, so I wrote this poem about what I read. I disagree with a lot of things that I see and hear from news and Facebook. This poem is my opinion nothing more.

We the people,
by the the people,
for the people,
stand united
as one nation
under God.

Though this is what I think.
We should change the meaning to the colors of our flag.

Red is for,
the blood that was shed.
Blue is for,
the sea’s we fled.
White is for,
pure Government’s
over our rights.

I am ashamed to call
the United State’s free.
When every moment
that goes by
that our Government
spends our money,
we the people,
lose jobs,
and control over our lands.

I will not stand by
and watch,
as The United States rots.

I will fight for truth
and freedom of rights,
for all men and women,
not just who live in
the united States
but the world.

From sea to shining sea,
from lands green and brown,
with purple majesty.
From me to you,
and you to me,
I stand for freedom
and liberty
not Government
and their rights
to take away our liberty.

Be free,
be you,
be proud to be human.
Fight, live, love, and share.

I feel sorry for my Government
they have a big job.
yet maybe,
too big for them to handle.

I pray that someday,
the Government will loss
their need for greed
and gain
their need for love,
and respect
for their fellow man.


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