For The Sleeping Fool

Someday, maybe this day
I will be where life wants me.

These clouds are fading out
into you my shadowed friend.
A ghost from my past,
here to remind me
of my flaws and my downs.

This journey we travel,
has nowhere but downs,
yet I just forgot to look up
or around.

These eyes of mine,
see nothing but decaying times.
Yet maybe it’s that
the decay was brought to my eyes attention.

Nothing new,
Nothing crude,
Nothing fooled,
Nothing pulled,
Nothing left,
Nothing right,
Nothing for me to say,
for there’s no way but up from now.

Wake Up!
Wake Up!
Wake Up!
Your life is ready to live, every time you wake up.

So wake up you fool!

Time wastes none for the sleeping fool,
nor does it care.


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