Rusted & Busted

Once I was new, blooming, and true,
now the years have chipped away,
at my canvas and clay.
soon I will crack, and peel,
turn black, and gray.

Life takes everything,
as you give it away.

Poor life never did he see me coming,
too soon my shadow came to play,
he went running, running away.

Oh poor life was afraid of little old me.

I am still fighting,
still hopping on twisted roads,
and good old strife.

I keep twisting the knife
as life sat watching
my shadow peeked from behind life’s dress
revealing the hymn of its skirt,
only to be caot drinking with life’s brother
and his cousins .
You’ll see I’ll bipase you Oops! Bad spelling too.

Weeeee! I am turning 34 in two day’s.
July 3, is hmm? I guess my day.
Blah! its just another day,
the sun will rise
the air will breath,
car’s will rush on by,
like everyday.

Hahahahah! 34 MY Goodness.

Its my birthday in two days and I’ll post if I want to. Hahaha! You can only guess where I got that from. Beep Beep Booooohppp….


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