Resent Art Project

Hello Bat Brats,

           These are my most resent works of art. I took a lot of time making all of them. I used GIMP, I made my own brushes, and backgrounds for these pictures. I usually look online through Google images to get ideas for new artwork. It’s a great way to look at the lines and colors that other artists use. In the first image the full moon is in 3D it makes it look like it’s popping off the page. As for the trees those I made by putting in a different light setting than all the other parts of the image I used a grunge brush to make the trees that I made myself. The grass I made by using a freestyle pencil brush that I made myself as will. DJ Vamp out Radio Waves Killed The Vampire is a logo idea I have for my plans to start a radio station for Second Life. By the way my username in Second Life is resonantblackblood or you can look up my store Moonflower Designs. The image below DJ Vamp Out is one I made showing my pride as a woman. The image at the bottom of this post, is a plaque I made with my two resent quotes that I posted in another post.

I do hope you enjoy my art work.
If you don’t, I don’t care that’s your vote not mine.

Full Moon Rising

DJ Vamp Out Radio Wave Killed The Vampire

Be Proud To Be Women

Rise Above The Darknes


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