Hello Bat Brats,

I thought it would be a good idea to share updates from my life. I’ve been sick, the Doctor say’s I have Autoimmune disease. I’m like what your joking me? Really! So this whole time I’ve had issues with ear infections, Gallbladder, fevers for no reason, and itchy skin, is because my body can’t fight off things. WOW Doc really no duh! Look at how old I am and they just now looked into it. Weeeee! Here goes Mandy hitching a ride on the Medical don’t give a flying hoot about my grieve. It even took me two freak-en years to get them to give me another electric chair so I can get out again. I am just grateful I am okay now. Oh and the Doc gave me a steroid shot that took away all my itching and my redness on my arms which I thought was from the sun but the Doctor said no that’s your skin flaring up. More like I’m sensitive to everything.

I laugh at all my issues now that I look back on them. I take most of my time to fight for comfort in my body, and I always come out on top.