Madness Was A Pen

“Perhaps madness is the key to higher intelligence.”

Oh yes I am quite mad,
I am so mad my hat fell off while I was dipping in my ink well of thoughts.
My pen scratched across the paper with such passion,
it sounded like the words were screaming at me as I scribbled them down.
I became a fluster but slowly my mind cooled to a soothing temperature of 75%.
My thoughts did a 360 turn around,
as my mind began to look around.
Oh when will it stop?
These thoughts are intruding upon my deepest plots.
I became my pen,
my ink bleeds through into my deepest thoughts
over flowing on to the table.
Words drip slowly on to the floor
socking tiles and carpet fibers.
It socked into my brain,
every vein became saturated with my inky plots.

Yet still I write,
bleeding and
scratching my words on paper.
I was the pen,
I hold my madness within

My ink.