Dancing under the moonlight,
beam’s casting shadow’s across the sky.
Lovely is the night always loving the moon’s light.
Dark and brooding is the night,
darkness loves the moonlight.

With gay delight I dance with Mr, Moonlight
with the breaking of dawn,
I cast my soul upon the rising sun
I watch as it burns to a cinder soot .
Like a blackened rose,
I’v gone crisp from the burning rays of the sun.

I turned Gothic,
blacker than black but lovelier than ever,
older and wiser too.
Like an old book, I am torn and tattered
I turned gray and withered.

Gothic is like no other,
it can be
creepy but romantic,
gory but clean,
bloody but tasteful,
gray and moody,
cold and hot,
foggy or clear.

Its Gothic it say’s come here with its bony hand beckoning you to come closer.