Buried Lover’s

Heart beat is rising,
in my sleep its caving,
in my dream’s love is miss behaving.

I skip a beat,
push back around,
the taste of your breath
makes my sense’s turn around.

Fuck repercussions,
I focuse on the right feeling,
right here,
right now,
where it needs to be.

They say I’m a sinner,
tonight I’m just a winner.
I hold your heart for ransom,
It turns out I’m a heart breaker.
Bury this lover,
as I bare my teeth,
to these marders.

I’ll need you,
I’ll dream of you,
in my sleep I will come to you,
upon your waking dreams,
kiss me and
I will wake for you.

love is focused,
always needy,
always pleading,
never retreading.

Fuck repercussions,
these are the right feelings,
I won’t settle for second place,
my heart knows its place.

Lover’s can lie too,
dishonesty can break
the boundaries,
the breaker’s cave in,
burying these lover’s in their sin.


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