The Puzzle Of My Life

I see life as if it was a puzzle.

My first piece, I found under the table. It was my birth, it was hairy and torn, but yet it fit.

Second piece, was in no hurry to be found. It was my second year, It was yucky and a little brown.

Third piece, it didn’t want to be found. It was hiding under my chair, looking awkward as can be. Oh my this has to be me, when I was thirteenth.

Fourth piece, rushed into place. Hmmm, this was my high school days.

Fifth piece, was inside a book, tucked nice and neat inside its nook. Oh yes this is my twisty third year of life. Did nothing but challenge my life.

Sixth piece, it was already here. It sat waiting on top the table. It was neat and even. Aw yes my thirties, what a year.

Seventh piece, I am still searching. I know it is here some where.

Someday all my pieces will fit together, to form my life and all its treasures.

Amanda Shelton


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