My Gothic Realms

             Welcome to my chamber’s of Gothic Realms. Don’t mind the shadow’s, or the bat’s flying over head. Let me bring you into my dinning room, I made bat worm tea, and finger sandwiches. Here I will put on some music, how about Beethoven or Bach?

           The feeling of being watched, worries you. As you look at the pictures on the wall. “Do you think they can see me? Nah, there just pictures.” You then walk over to the host, with a feeling of worry looming over your thoughts. She seams nice, with her long black hair draped over her shoulder’s, and her parsing brown eye’s. Then you remember, bat worm tea, finger sandwiches? “Woe, who eats finger sandwiches?” You then ask your host, how long she’s been living in Gothic Realms. She lend forward to whisper in your ear. “I have always been here, you just didn’t realizerealize, that I am your shadow.”

Amanda Shelton


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