Wooing Of Life & Nature

Wooing Of Life & Nature

The Earth was made for lovers

           The Earth was made for lovers, for maidens, and hopeless swain, for swaying, and gentle whispering, and twain. Earth’s consort, the moon, and the sun; lover’s bound forever, in a dance of colliding star’s, and dusty coverts. Beneath their surface, of colliding passions, there lays life, and breath. Mingling together, creating, dying, and loving. Two becomes one, and then two again. A marriage of star crossed lovers, once meet on a collision of red’s, blues, and green’s. The Earth was made for lovers, for passion, and hopeless hearts, and covers. Lovers collided, with hot kisses, blushing cheeks, red lips, and heated breath; of super nova events.

“A kiss is but a kiss, unless it comes from you heart.”

Wooing Of Life & Nature © By Amanda Shelton

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