I Gothic Project

Hello Bat Brats,

Okay I’ve been working on a project for sometime now. I called this project the (I Gothic™ Project). I decided to put together my best I Gothic™ backgrounds and poems. I finally got done with this major project. I didn’t even know how much art and poetry I accumulated over a few years, until I decided to put them together. I only picked a few poems, because I wanted this project to be more about my artwork than writing.

I also created my own personal watermark for GothicMoonflower: 

Why GothicMoonflower? Will I love the full moon and flowers mostly roses, so it just made sense to me that combining those two things into one was the answer, but I also added Gothic and why not I love alot of things that are Goth and Gothic. It all came together GothicMoonflower. :-]–@ Made it easy to make my watermark. Do you like how I added a grungy moon like circle to the background of my watermark? It took me a few tries before getting it just right.

I Gothic™ Samples:

I Gothic™ Freakshow

I Gothic™ Canker Sore 

I Gothic™  Background In Silky LavenderI Gothic Background

Amongst Lovely ThingsAmongst Lovely Things

Look Into My Eye’s

Bulls Eye


If You Are Interested Please Leave A Comment:

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