A Short Update

Hello Bat Brats,

I thought I should share resent changes to my life. Will first off, my doctor diagnosed with fibromyalgia. He gave me a medication that really works for me. I have had pain for so long that when my new medication kicked in, I was so surprised that all of my pain was gone. I remember when it started. I was 9 years old, I just got to school and I went to set down on a bench. But a pain shot up my leg. I thought maybe it was from running the track too much. That pain never went away.  I loved running, it helped me think and it calmed me down. I loved it so much, I suffered through my pain just to keep running the track every morning, and when I didn’t feel well. Now the doctor’s say no more running and no more yoga. I can’t do the movements anymore, because of Dystonia. I do miss running and yoga. I am glad though I can still meditate. :-]

Live well Bat Brats, and don’t try to make others happy, because they can only do that for themselves.

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