Fragmented Love Affairs

Love me like the mountains
love the rain.
Cry me a river,
of a lover’s pain,
then let me wipe away
all your salty fears.

Let your tears drizzle down my windows panel,
felling my life
with your fragments of shame.

Like a river
my life flows down
your hills of grain,
overflowing into tomorrow’s horizon,
as my sun sets
beyond today’s footfalls,
and your moon
falls into my fringing orbit.

I am the orbit
to your moon.
I will lay on its dusty suffuse,
my heart was lost there,
out in the blackness of the unknown,
surfing the stars,
with my star cross lover.
I am forever lost
in your moon beams.

I will never forget
your unforgiving tears,
showing me your eyes
full of sorrow, 
and pain.

Love me like the moon loves the stars.
Cry me a river, of falling stars.
I’ll catch them in my bucket,
so I can wish upon them years to come.

Cry me a river,
so I can travel up your banks,
and canals.
I will gather your tears
into my pale
of fragmented love affairs.

We can be together
under the canopy
of the burning star’s
forever calling them ours. 

Amanda Shelton