Invention Of Creativity

Come into my domain,
show me your creativity
let it rain, and shine down.

Lusid, and crusted,
don’t let it get rusted,
Use it until it’s busted;
popping from it’s seams.

Oozing, and gooey,
dripping to the floor,
creativity is blooming in your mind.

Paint it, draw it,
write it, and sign it,
live it, create it,
be all you wanted to be.

Be the artist of your own life,
be it’s inventor, it’s navigator,
pilot, and beeken of light.

Be all you ever wanted to be,
by being you,
the unique creature;
that the universe, the inventor of life’s creation,
has created to fill this space we call creation.

Boom, Bang, Spoof, and splat we all came about just like that…


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