How To Make (Cinnamon Whip Cream Coffee)

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 Here’s another one of my how to posts.

How to make cinnamon whip cream coffee.

° Folgers French blend (or your choice of coffee).
° Two tablespoons of Whip Cream (I recommend cool whip).
° Cinnamon powder (or one cinnamon stick).
° milk chocolate hot cocoa mix (two tablespoons)
° Get coffee mug.
° Make coffee.
° Mix cocoa mix with 1 tablespoon sugar at bottom of mug.
° Add whip cream with cinnamon on top.
° Poor coffee slowly into mug (mix carefully try not to mix the whip cream too much).
° Then add 1 more scoop of whip cream (don’t mix).

VIOLA! You’ve got cinnamon whip cream coffee enjoy.

Amanda Shelton

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