To My Mother

(To My Mother)

Mom is on the left with my cousin Maggie.

R.I.P Anita L Moorehead.

She touched my soul,
brought life into my lungs,
gave birth to my creativity
and loved me unconditionally.

She was my hero,
my #1 fan,
my best friend,
my counselor,
and my teacher.

She held my hand in my darkest hours,
helped me up,
when I couldn’t help myself.

Walked beside me hand in hand,
held my head when fever got hot,
clothed me,
bathed me,
helped me be a better me.

Dear Mom,

I hope that God know’s what he took from me. Heaven gained a beautiful soul on December 5th 2014. My best friend and mother Anita L Moorehead.

I loved my mom very much it hurts my soul to know she’s gone from me. Mom, until we meet again under the pearly gates of heaven, I will never forget our moments we’ve shared.

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