Memory Can Be A Tricky Thing

Memory can be a tricky thing

      How much can you remember? Hmmm? I’m not sure how it works but memory can be a tricky thing. Me, I can remember when I was born. I remember the Doctor, nurses, my mom, and dad. I also remember the first thing my mom did when I came out of her whom. She sang to me a Bush a bye baby song. I remember my dad as will he was the first to hold me, him and his big beard and dark brown eye’s. I also still remember my mom’s blue eye’s and her lips moving, and her silky brown hair.

       Sometimes I wonder why or how I can remember certain things that most people wouldn’t. I do know though it has something to do with how my neurons fire and how long it takes for them to communicate back and forth. I am prone not to sleep very much, because of my brain’s processing center it’s always at work, more like my brain never slows down even when I’m resting. I have been to neurologists who told me that I don’t go into rime sleep, I never have. There can be some issues with someones brain if they don’t go into rime sleep. I know from experience. I have learned how to cope though, plus when you’re born with something, you kind of learn how to live with it. Like when people are born without a leg or an arm, they know no difference between having a leg or an arm and not having them. Though I have learned how to get rest, meditation works like a charm, warm bath’s, and talking to someone about how I am doing. I also learned my weakness and my strengths.

            I think it’s very important for everyone to learn their weakness and strengths. What they can handle and what they can’t. Plus we human beings most of the time cause our own stress by worrying, and rushing through life as if we were on a train going nowhere fast. We all run our self’s like little hummingbirds looking for nectar. Most of us get fat, and lazy, even cancer because we didn’t take the time to stop and take a breather. I would like to get off that rain, and pick up some tourist pamphlets to look around me. I want to stop to smell the flowers, and to gaze up at the star’s. There’s so much more to life than work. Even when you’re at a job, look for something fun to do in between breaks, or even if you listen to music while you’re working that too can be good.

Just remember this…

“There’s always a silver lining within the cloud’s, all you need to do is look within yourself.”    


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