A Gothic Tale by Theodore Weiss

A Gothic Tale

By Theodore Weiss

Framed by our window, skaters, winding   
in and out the wind, as water reeling   
so kept in motion, on a well honed   
edge spin out a gilded ceiling.

Fish, reflecting glow for glow,   
saints around the sun, are frozen
with amazement just one pane below.

Skates flash like stars, so madly   
whirling one can hardly tell which
is sky and which the watery floor …

one night two straitlaced couples,   
a footman over them, rode out
in a dappled horse drawn sleigh   
onto the river, a moonlit lark.

The ice broke and they sleigh,   
footman and all riding in state,   
rode straight on into the lidded water.

That winter all winter folks twirled   
over them who framed in lace,   
frost the furs, the shiny harness   
and their smiles the fire that keeps   
the place sat benignly watching.

“One foot out, one foot in,
are we real,” thought one, “we who   
wander sheepishly in dreams, or they,   
the really sleepless eyes, under us?
And every night who knows (a laughter   
troubles us like dreams) who skates   
(a thousand watch fires the stars)
above, peering through the pane?”


Source: Poetry Foundation

I love looking around the poetry foundation website. I get a lot of inspiration from reading their poem’s.

Amanda Shelton


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