To be as she (Eternity)

It is a night of dark desire,
a song of shadow,
and of dreams.
The wolves bay at the moon.

The ethereal one rises.
Curling, icy wisps of mist
shrouds her brooding form,
of lurking desire.

Her inky black hair
cascades over translucent ivory shoulders,
and her full blood red lips part slightly,
to taste the blood streaming from
the pale flesh beneath her.

Now a night of shared vitality,
I remember her.

This was my new dawning,
a new beginning of my eternal life.

She had no concern for
my mortal soul,
no all she came for
was my taste.

A teasing shadow,
a beautiful being
with an immortal soul
came to set upon my life,
like the spider to the fly
such chaos she brings to my life.

Makes my soul to take into brooding,
and within myself
a shadow,
and fiend.

Amanda Shelton


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