Your Sent Is My Breath Of Fresh Air

Your lips are like scarlet roses,
and your breath smells of Apple’s.
Your skin feels like lace
as you rap your trace
around my waist,

Awe I can taste your Apple’s on my lips.
Your voice is like
a breath of fresh air
to my ears,
as you whisper to my soul
sweat nothing’s.

You remind me
of the sun in June,
when the roses
begin to bloom.

You are of the freshest due,
on the windows paneling
dripping down
upon the dawning of the sun. 

Good morning beautiful darling,
my scarlet in blushing pink.

You cause my soul to sigh,
and to leap from its keep,
and so nothing is bleak in July
as the sun twinkles in your eyes. 

Like the pine leftover from a spruce,
your sent is minty, and fresh,
never dry.

I love your look,
I love your eternal shade;
and how you shine.

Amanda Shelton


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