Fizzy Sickle [I have a Rant in my post]

My Dear Bat Brats,

This is a rant or a fizzy sickle post as I will be calling it. Today I got a note on my door from Bright House saying I owe them money, why didn’t they call me or my payee? They didn’t say anything to anyone until I owed them a lot of money. I usually am right on the ball with my payments this is the first time they waited three months to say anything. I blame their customer service and tech.

Shouldn’t the customer come first plus without them where would a company be or who would buy your products? If I could I would change my cable company but I don’t have the money to pay for another company. All the others are to expensive and don’t offer the same as Bright House. Also most companies are greedy and needy their worst than Bright House. I’ve tried many cable companies through my life while living with my mom, to come to my conclusion that business are greedy and not willing to work with people who are either poor or third class citizens. It’s sad.

Plus there’s more third class citizens then first class or second class.  I live in Oildale a third class community in Bakersfield California, people who live here are more likely to use welfare or SSI some don’t even have those.

What I don’t understand is that our Government pushing the facts under the table, that we have homes that are vacant but people are still dying from the elements and being foodless. When how hard would it be for them to let those people live in those vacant homes? Some are big enough to hold whole families. Also with all the extra food our stores have left over after a month why can’t that food go to those in need instead of throwing it away. Our world has become what we said we would never become, monsters of greed and gluttony.

Fizzy Sickels are bad for your health, if you keep them in there known to cause upset stomachs and headaches.

Amanda Shelton


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