Hello Bat Brats,

         Here I am again posting my thoughts and my musings for today. EEK! I know I’m bored it happens to us all, I hear that it’s a sign of intelligence if you get bored often. Plus I’ve been told by many people who know me I’m very intelligent, I just don’t believe it. Haha! 


 To My Readers


         Today is cool and foggy it was raining earlier. I can still feel the moisture in the air from leftover humidity. I wrote a few poems for you all  I can see that readers have liked them. I hope I can keep it up so you will want to come back to my blog and say hey look she’s written more yay! I might push the like button. o_O*  I do write a lot, if I was to put all of my writing in one blog it would add up to a lot of used up useless space of scribble.  BLAH! I will write until I’m dead laying in the ground with black flowers in a silver vase on my tombstone and The Ravens quote: “Nevermore” engraved on my coven lead. I guess it’s my job, sharing, and posting my writings and my thoughts to the world-wide web. 

Thanks again if I haven’t yet, for all of your comments, likes also to anyone who follows my blog.  

“Be proud you are who you are because there is only one you.”


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