Cancer Is Taking My Mom

Hello Bat Brats,

It’s almost Christmas. I’m saddened to say that my mom is dying. I go to see her tomorrow to say my goodbye’s and my farewell. I can’t believe my mom is dying. She won’t see me turn 34. She won’t come over to my home to talk and hangout anymore. It took me awhile to say it out loud to myself and to everyone else. I guess I thought by me not saying anything but once and awhile how mom was doing that things would change. Will things haven’t changed except that she’s dying passing away while the world still turns and we live on. It’s not fair, she has done a lot, helped a lot of people. She was in the middle of going to college she had big plans for herself. Know its all gone dead it’s going to rot and fade like everything does eventually. I’ve learned over the years, you can’t have life without death. Because for anything to live something has to die to rebirth the living or to make room for new life.

The Lion eats the Cantaloupe, when the Lion dies it becomes the grass, then the Cantaloupe then eats the grass from there it starts all over again. That’s the circle of life.

I will always remember my mom in a good light. My mom is my hero, she’s my falling star that fell down from my heavens and made my dreams possible. Because she gave me the biggest gift any mom can ever give, the gift of knowing I can be whomever I choose to be.





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