With A Vampire’s Heart All Is Revealed

With A Vampire’s Heart All Is Revealed

The Shady Black Rose Saga

      I woke with a hunger like a fire burning inside my soul turning my flesh into a blazing furnace. Slowly I move within the shadows mortals know nothing of what I do. I watch them live their feeble little lives, as if I was the spider and they are the flies wiggling in my web. I smell this one his scent like a pheromone from a bee. My fangs ache for his taste I jump off the building swooping down like a bird. I land on my feet, as I follow him into the bar. I wait for him to take a few drinks before moving in for the kill. He leans on the wall tipsy from his tunic and gen, as I wip by his arm I whisper in his ear   “Sleep”  Now’s my time I lean into his neck slowly I bite into his skin sipping his nektar slow and steady. He goes into a swoon as his breathing becomes slow and labored then his heart stops. I release with puckered lips as I lick at my fangs enjoying the taste.

    For nine centuries I’ve been stalking the streets from Paris, Italy, France, Romania, now America is my destination. The smell of human in my nostrils as I set here on the plain. I take my cloth napkin place it over my nose to conceal the smell from my scenes. I need to remember why I’m doing this, Ashen is waiting for my return to the coven. He has decided it would be good for me to step out of my box and try new things. New things he says gee, after what I went through with the Dark Ones right. They’re ancient bloodline goes back to The Order Of The Dragon an ancient order of Vampires who decreed to protect all whom share the blood of the dark ones. Those who are willing will be transformed into a Vampire with power and immortal blood. On the other hand if you’re weak minded you’re lucky to become a halfbreed and a slave to the Vampires. I was one of the lucky ones, Ashen a master Vampire and a Royal has taken me into his own. I guess he saw potential in me. I received the blood that very night, and his undying love for me. He told me after he embraced me that I will not need to weary about anything that he will give me anything I desire.

“Attention passengers this is your pilot speaking, we are about to land on American soil please fasten your seatbelts, pull up your trays and turn off any electronics and thank you for choosing Pan Airlines”

Now to find my luggage without popping a fang. I wait in line at the luggage trolley, I can see my red and black suitcase rolling up. I grab the luggage then I take the ticket out and look it over to see if I missed anything.
“Nope all is here.”
Now time to head to the lobby but I noticed Nicky standing in the front door looking straight at me with a big grin on his face.

Nicky: “Hey Rose, how are you hun it’s been a while.”
Rose: “Hey Nicky, its good to see you old man.”

I got a big bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Nicky: “Let me get those for you hun.”
Rose: “Okay thinks I think I have everything.”
Nicky: “Good then we can get out of here the smell of human is getting to me.”

We then walked out into the parking lot to Nickies black sidan.

To be continued…


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